The Industry Association for Wind Power in Sweden

Swedish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) is an industry organization for companies engaged in wind power and renewable energy. Our members are power companies, municipal energy companies, projectors, financial investors, banks, law firms, consulting companies and suppliers to the wind power industry.

Overall goals

Our overall goal is that wind power has a wide range of national anchors. It is profitable, competitive and part of the foundation of a sustainable Swedish energy system that leads to a good environment for current and future generations.

Our business idea

The task of Swedish Wind Energy is to safeguard the members’ financial interests by:

  1. As a national trade organization, convey and emphasize the best of wind power and to form the combined voice of the wind power industry in society.
  2. Promote the development of the wind power market in Sweden so that wind power can be developed to its full potential and contribute to a long-term sustainable society that meets the climate challenge by

  • Develop strategies and initiatives for growth as well as for removing obstacles that make it difficult for wind power to contribute to its full potential.
    Communicate wind power’s benefits and potential to politicians, opinion makers, decision makers, media, other significant business owners and the public.
  • Be the central hub and network for wind power issues for all members and other stakeholders, thereby stimulating dialogue in society.