Job and Internship Applicants

Our Purpose for Processing Your Personal Data

We process your personal data to manage your application and to be able to assess, compare, and match against our resource needs.

We store your personal data as indicated below in order to be able to get back to you if a new need for resources arises within the storage period.

How We Process Your Personal Data

We compile the information you send and compare it with other candidates and our needs. We verify the information verbally with the references you have provided, and supplement the information with data we receive from these references.

The Personal Data We Process

Primarily, we process information that you have sent to us in your application, i.e. your CV and cover letter.

We complement this information with notes from oral interviews, as well as information from the references you have provided, in order to get the most appropriate picture of you as a candidate.

Legal Basis – Justified Interest

In the processing described above, we take into account and weigh your interest in privacy in relation to our interest and purpose (as stated above) in carrying out the processing. We then balance these interests, taking into account both positive and negative effects, and assess whether our interest is legitimate.

Collection and Disclosure

The information we have about you is primarily collected from you. In connection with the application, we may collect information from the references you give us in the application. We do not share your application outside the Swedish Wind Energy Association organisation unless we have specifically asked for it. We only share the data with such suppliers that are needed to carry out the processing, and within the framework of the purposes stated above. For example:

  • IT services (companies that manage the necessary operation, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions).

Storage Period

We store your personal data only for as long as we deem it justified, taking into account the legal basis and purpose stated above. We will of course respect your wish for quick deletion of your data with us. This applies to both job applications and internship applications. If you become employed by us or receive an internship with us, the data in your application will be stored and processed in accordance with what is stated in our internal privacy policy where we describe our processing of employees’ personal data, which is only provided to our employees.