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EU ‘considers 60GW 2030 offshore wind target’

The EU is mulling setting a 60GW target for installed offshore wind capacity by 2030, media reports suggest. According to Reuters a draft European Commission strategy for offshore renewable energy has proposed the 2030 target...


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Birds are good at avoiding wind turbine blades

A new study of birds at Klim Wind Farm in Northern Jutland in Denmark shows that birds are far better at avoiding turbine blades than previously thought. The positive results confirm bigger potential for co-existence...


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Sweden nr 1 in Energy Transition Index 2020

By 2030, almost a third of all the energy consumed within the EU must come from renewable sources, according to binding targets agreed in 2018. Sweden is helping lead the way and is for the...


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Johnson heralds UK green investment to meet climate targets

Promise of £160m for wind power with initiatives for hydrogen fuel and carbon capture. Boris Johnson is drawing up a package of green energy policies to help the UK meet its ambitious climate targets —...


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Swedish wind lobby says subsidy halt turns headache into migraine

Sweden's energy minister announced that authorities had accommodated industry concerns, particularly those of the wind sector, upon shutting down the certificate-based renewable energy subsidy scheme, but the industry begs to differ – to put it...


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Europe pitches massive economic overhaul in new climate plan

The EU should increase its 2030 emissions-reduction target, said Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her state-of-the-union speech Wednesday, urging member states to join in furthering the Green Deal amid Covid-19 recovery efforts. Read...