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Press releases

Proposal for reduced grid connection costs for offshore wind power

In line with earlier promises, the Swedish government this week announced a proposal to reduce electricity producers' cost of connecting offshore power plants to the national electricity grid. The government’s proposal is to extend the...


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Revised road map 2040: “Wind power – combating climate change and improving competitiveness”

Modern and sustainable technology has never been more important. The expansion of onshore and offshore wind power will play a central role in meeting the requirements of a competitive green transition in Sweden and its...


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Each new wind turbine installed in Europe generates €10m of economic activity

Wind energy is 300,000 jobs in Europe and contributes €37bn to EU GDP every year according to WindEurope’s new report: ‘Wind Energy and economic recovery in Europe – How wind energy will put communities at the...


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New report: “The challenge and opportunity is electricity surplus “

The risk of both surpluses and deficits in power and energy in a 100 percent renewable electricity system can be managed with investments in infrastructure, energy storage and flexible electricity consumption, according to a new...


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Information on handover of the CEO position in the Swedish Wind Energy Association

SWEA has previously informed that current CEO Charlotte Unger Larson will leave the association as of September 1, 2020. At the request of the Board, however, Charlotte will continue as acting CEO until the new...


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Swedish Government propose effectless “stop mechanism” in the Electricity Certificate System

The Electricity Certificate System is intended to increase the production of renewable electricity and make the production more cost efficient. Since 2012, Sweden and Norway have a common electricity certificate market. The system has successfully...