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Press releases

Daniel Badman appointed as new CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association

The board of directors at the Swedish Wind Energy Association has decided on Daniel Badman as new CEO. He will join the association on December 1st at the latest. Daniel currently works as Senior Vice...


Press releases

Charlotte Unger Larson steps down as CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association

Charlotte Unger Larson chooses to step down as CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association to live in the county of Jämtland full-time.  Charlotte Unger Larson was appointed CEO on January 1st, 2015. She now...


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Europe now gets 15% of its electricity from wind but is not building enough to deliver the Green Deal

Europe installed 15.4 GW of new wind energy in 2019. Three quarters of this was onshore wind, 11.8 GW, new offshore wind was 3.6 GW. Europe now has 205 GW of wind energy. And it...


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Comment from the Swedish Wind Energy Association after parliamentary vote on nuclear reactors Ringhals 1 and 2

At the initiative of the Swedish Democrats, the parliament yesterday voted on requesting energy company Vattenfall to restore and keep nuclear reactors Ringhals 1 and 2 operational. The suggestion by the Swedish Democrats received support...


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New wind power projects: 2017-2021

The list below shows wind power projects in Sweden where investment decisions have been taken after the Energy Policy Agreement in 2016. The projects are to be, or have been, in operation during the period...


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CEO of SWEA acknowledged for her significant impact on the national climate debate

Charlotte Unger Larson, CEO of The Swedish Wind Energy Association, has been listed as number 13 on a ranking of Sweden’s 101 most influential individuals on environmental issues. It is the highest score among people...