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Plans for 50 GW Offshore Wind Power in Sweden

Requests for almost 50 GW offshore wind power have been handed in to Swedish TSO Svenska kraftnät, most of which are placed in southern Sweden.

With initiatives such as the Hybrit-project, H2 Green Steel’s plan to make fossil-free steel, and LKAB’s strategy to produce CO2-free iron, Sweden is presenting several new projects to minimize industry’s emissions. All of which will require large amounts of electricity.

The announced industry projects are planned in northern Sweden, which generally has an electricity surplus that is transferred to southern Sweden. However, as the projects in North will require more electricity, this surplus will decline.

Svenska kraftnät has received grid connection requests for almost 50 GW offshore wind in Swedish waters. Around 30 GW of the submitted requests are in the South, of which about 25 GW could be realised, as many requests overlap the same area.

Daniel Gustavsson at Svenska kraftnät expresses that offshore wind power in southern Sweden is a good solution to the problem of northern Sweden’s increased electricity usage. It is also a good solution for today’s capacity constraints in the transmission lines. Transmission lines and stations around the closed nuclear power plants in the South also simplify the process as less upgraded capacity is necessary.

Today 7 GW offshore wind power has been granted grid connection. To ensure enough power to cover all of Sweden’s needs in the future, as wind power is dependent on weather conditions, a combination of storage and flexible consumption is needed, Daniel Gustavsson stresses.

According to Svenska kraftnät, today’s transmission lines can handle 6 GW offshore wind. For the realisation of offshore wind in the future, the transmission lines will need to be amplified. With the TSO’s planned reinforcements, the system will be able to handle 16 GW within the coming 15 years.

In Svenska kraftnät’s forecast, the amount of predicted offshore wind power is less that the 50 GW of requests they have today. According to Daniel Gustavsson, Svenska kraftnät predict that many parks will not be granted authorisation or funding. They are therefore instead judging that Sweden will have 4 GW offshore wind 2035, and 10-17 GW for 2045.

The article is from Nyteknik and  is translated and shortened by Svensk vindenergi.