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Resilient wind industry delivers 17% of Europe’s electricity, proves smart bet for Europe’s green recovery

The new WindEurope publication “The Impact of COVID-19 on Europe’s wind sector” analyses how the ongoing pandemic affected new installations, auction schedules, financing and electricity production in the first half of 2020. While the wind industry experienced dis­ruptions in the first semester, installation levels were comparable to previous years and financing for new wind farms reached €14.3bn. The wind industry is uniquely positioned to contribute to a future-proof economic recovery under the €750bn EU recovery plan, 30% of which will go to green investments.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the wind industry supply chain experienced major dis­ruptions in the first semester, particularly on the production and assembly of wind turbine compo­nents and imports of subcom­ponents, mainly from Asia. In response to national Government measures, European factories experienced temporary closures, especially in the most affected countries Italy and Spain. Other facilities had a reduction in the number of workers due to the im­plementation of social distancing, self-quarantine. The reduced free movement of people and goods impacted Oper­ation and Maintenance services and the commissioning of onshore and offshore wind in Europe shows the new WindEurope publication “The impact of COVID-19 on Europe’s wind sector”.

Read the full press release and report from WindEurope.