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The Massive Wind Park the Virus Couldn’t Stop

The pandemic stalled projects all over the world, but some renewable energy companies saw it coming.

Deep in one of Sweden’s many fir forests, a 150-meter crane juts out between the tree tops. Built especially for the job, one by one it hoists three 68-meter blades to complete a wind turbine as tall as the London Eye. The yellow crane is then slowly dismantled, moved piece by piece, and rebuilt to repeat the maneuver.

It’s painstaking work for an industry in a hurry.

The $8 billion Markbygden site, set to be Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, kept construction going through lockdown, helped by Sweden’s laissez-fire approach to the virus. But it’s emblematic of an industry that—globally—has weathered the pandemic better than its peers in conventional energy.

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