The needs of the wind power companies are the focus of our activities

Swedish Wind Energy works to increase knowledge about the wind power industry and understanding of its conditions among politicians, opinion formers and decision makers. Swedish Wind Energy works actively by shaping opinion, informing decision makers, acting as a referral body, monitoring events and developments, providing information on regulations, creating industry agreements and more.

A broad member base provides an opportunity to influence political issues that are important to the wind power industry.


What you gain as a member!

  • The opportunity to use Swedish Wind Energy to influence the conditions for the wind power industry in Sweden and the EU
  • Access to a significant network within the wind power industry
  • Daily media surveillance on wind power
  • The ability to influence Swedish Wind Energy’s positions and referral reposnses on important issues
  • The opportunity to join our Council, where the secretariat collects knowledge from the industry on important issues
  • Reduced attendance fee at our seminars
  • Reduced attendance fee at our annual Wind conference
  • Link to your company via our website

For information about membership please contact:
Tomas Hallberg, tel: 070-164 44 53,