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Comment from the Swedish Wind Energy Association after parliamentary vote on nuclear reactors Ringhals 1 and 2

At the initiative of the Swedish Democrats, the parliament yesterday voted on requesting energy company Vattenfall to restore and keep nuclear reactors Ringhals 1 and 2 operational. The suggestion by the Swedish Democrats received support from moderates, christian democrats, and liberals, and the score between the two party coalitions was very close.

Vattenfall, however, sees no profitability in updating the reactors that have been operational since the 70’s, since large investments would be needed to reach current security standards.

– Vattenfall decided to phase out the reactors purely for business reasons. While the nuclear power debate rages, we are seeing wind power expansions that can produce twice as much electricity as that which is removed when Ringhals 1 and 2 are closed. The reasoning behind the vote is hard to understand, says Charlotte Unger Larson, CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association.

After 4 PM yesterday it was clear that a majority vote in the parliament supports the decision of Vattenfall, and Ringhals 1 and 2 will thus be phased out as planned.

– It is great to receive news on the question of continued operations. It is not the role of politics to interfere with decisions of business. I now hope that we can put the discussion of single power sources behind us and focus on how to best develop a modern and competitive energy system that delivers climate utility, says Charlotte Unger Larson.


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