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New wind power projects: 2017-2021

The list below shows wind power projects in Sweden where investment decisions have been taken after the Energy Policy Agreement in 2016. The projects are to be, or have been, in operation during the period 2017 – 2021.

The total investment for the projects is now over SEK 72 billion.
When all projects are in operation, they will together produce about to 22,4 TWh per year.

In addition to climate benefit and early climate- and energy target fulfillment, the listed new wind power projects contributes to the following;

Propeprty tax 0,067 SEK/kWh 150 million SEK/year
Energy tax 0,33 SEK/kWh 7 402 million SEK/year
Jobs, construction phase 78 /inv billion 5 659 annual employments
Jobs, operation phase 4 turbines /technicians, 25 years 10 941 annual employments
Certificate cost 0,12 SEK/kWh 2 684 million SEK/year
Lowered electricity price 0,3 SEK/kWh per 10 TWh 0.7 SEK/kWh
Lowered electricity price 140 TWh 9 392 million SEK/year
  • The information above is gathered from open sources such as the Swedish Energy Agency’s market statistics, press releases and wind power companies’ websites (unlike the Swedish Wind Energy’s quarterly statistics and forecast, which is based on binding turbine orders).
  • Production data and the size of the investment are not always public. The summaries therefore include estimated production and investments.
  • The information on job opportunities comes from Vindkraftcentrum’s reports on jobs, employment and educational needs.
  • The information on lowered electricity prices comes from Sweco’s report on Renewable electricity and international connections.
View the full list here: New wind power projects 2017-2021 (2019-06-13)