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Proposal for reduced grid connection costs for offshore wind power

In line with earlier promises, the Swedish government this week announced a proposal to reduce electricity producers’ cost of connecting offshore power plants to the national electricity grid.

The government’s proposal is to extend the national electricity grid to maritime areas where it is possible to connect several facilities. The grid expansion will take place where it is judged to promote the fulfilment of the national target of a hundred percent renewable electricity production. The regulation is suggested to enter into force August 1st 2021.

The Swedish Wind Energy Association welcomes that the government finally announces a proposal for how the connection costs for offshore wind power can be reduced, which was promised already four years ago in the Swedish Energy Policy Agreement.

Sweden needs more renewable energy production, located near densely populated regions where electricity consumption is high, to cope with the coming electrification and at the same time create conditions for fossil free growth. The fact that offshore wind projects mainly plan to establish in the central- and southern parts of Sweden, will be beneficial for the country in total.

Reduced grid connection costs for offshore wind power can lead to increased security of energy supply. The additional production has the potential to contribute in the regions that are currently affected by fluctuation in electricity prices due to lack of capacity.

The Swedish Wind Energy Association will analyse the government’s proposal and a referral will be sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure latest May 3rd 2021.

Take part of the Ministry of Infrastructure’s memorandum here.