Svensk Vindenergi / Birds are good at avoiding wind turbine blades

Birds are good at avoiding wind turbine blades

A new study of birds at Klim Wind Farm in Northern Jutland in Denmark shows that birds are far better at avoiding turbine blades than previously thought. The positive results confirm bigger potential for co-existence between nature and wind farms.

The new study, which was carried out for Vattenfall by three experienced consultancy firms in cooperation with local ornithologists, shows that over 99 percent of the pink-footed geese and cranes that fly in the area avoid the wind turbine blades.

Klim Wind Farm is located in the immediate vicinity of the international Natura 2000 bird protection area Vejlerne. Each day, thousands of birds leave their roosting areas in Vejlerne and fly out to the nearby fields to find food, with many passing the wind farm.

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