Swedish Wind Power Technical Center (SWPTC) – focusing on wind power

The centre was formed in response to the rapid expansion of the global wind power industry and to increase the level of expertise on wind power in Sweden. The focus is first and foremost primarily on improving the design of wind turbines to optimise the costs of manufacturing and maintaining wind turbines. The objective is to build up component and system knowledge to facilitate the development and production of subsystems and complete wind turbines in Sweden. The Swedish Wind Power Technical Centre is intended to support Swedish industry with its expertise in design technology in the field of wind power.

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Vindforsk III is a research programme with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency and companies active in the wind power area. The purpose of the programme is to increase knowledge about wind power-related issues and to strengthen the base of Swedish expertise in wind power. This knowledge will lead to the effective implementation and operation of wind power in the Swedish power system, as well as creating favourable conditions for Swedish industry in the area.

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Vindval is a research programme focusing on how wind power affects people, nature and the environment. The results can be used as a basis for environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and in planning and licensing processes.

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Center for wind farms (CVI)

The Centre for Wind Power CVI is located at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. On their website, they post results from the above research programmes, with many of these compiled and sorted by category in a  knowledge base.