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Record 15 GW of new wind turbines ordered in 2020

Wind turbine orders went up by 74% in 2020, to a record number of 15 GW. Read the full article from Wind Europe 


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Europe’s biggest onshore wind project marches ahead with Enercon delivery

Manufacturer hands over first batch of turbines at gigawatt-scale Markbygden complex in northern Sweden to EIP. Read the full article from ReCharge.


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Amazon Becomes World’s Largest Corporate Purchaser of Renewable Energy

The addition of 26 new utility-scale wind and solar projects in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S. bring Amazon’s total number of renewable energy projects to 127. Company’s total...


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The new energy giants are renewable companies

Meet the clean supermajors. They have the clout and financial might of the energy behemoths that plumbed the world over for oil and gas before them. But instead of digging mines and drilling wells, they’re...


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Swedish Parliament passed bill to end electricity certificates support scheme

Yesterday, the Swedish Parliament passed the bill to end the electricity certificates support scheme on December 31st 2021. Following the Energy Policy Agreement (Energiöverenskommelsen) between five political parties in 2016, the Swedish government clearly communicated...


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SPR delivers ‘black start’ from onshore wind

ScottishPower Renewables has achieved what is believed to be a global first by using energy from an onshore wind farm to re-energise part of the power grid, known as "black start". The successful project, at...